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Thinking About Weight Loss Surgery? Get the Facts From Someone Who’s Already Done It!

Thinking About Weight Loss Surgery? Get the Facts From Someone Who’s Already Done It!

Thinking About Weight Loss Surgery. When you’re thinking about weight-loss surgery, it’s important to have all the facts. When she was considering it for herself, Maria realized how little useful information there was about these surgeries. There were only dry medical texts—nothing that spoke directly to the patient about all aspects of the experience. With the help of her friends and hours on hours of research, Maria has created a simple guide that lays out the basics of both the preparation process and postsurgery recovery.

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She covers how to

weigh the pros and cons of weight-loss surgery,
– select between different types of bariatric surgery,
– prepare for surgery,
– know what to expect after waking up,
– cook delicious recipes to keep you on your recovery diet,
– be vigilant about losing too much weight,
– understand the emotional aspects of your transformation, and
– consider other procedures for the future.
After her own surgery, Maria came to realize that it was only the first step on a much longer journey. She hopes that her simple guide can support and inspire you as you get used to your new body and both the physical and emotional changes it can create.

Author Biography: Maria had a gastric sleeve procedure two years ago. She relied on her support network during her recovery and wants to provide the same for other people in similar situations. Her own experiences and hours of research helped inform Thinking about Weight Loss Surgery?

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Available format: Paperback and Kindle


The Red Tea Detox Program

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The 2 Week Diet!

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No Matter How Hard You’ve Tried Before!

Losing Weight After 30…The Makeover You Deserve

Are you a busy woman in your 30s and trying to lose weight? Are you done trying magic diets and pixie dust?
If so, this is the book for you.
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Pulse Fitness Weight Loss

Pulse Fitness Martinez /Augusta


Pulse Fitness and Weight Loss. Pulse Fitness Zone Training System Enjoys Explosive Growth and PopularityPulse Fitness located at 4015 Washington Rd in martinez GA 30907, is a dynamic 45 minute full body (HITT) (EPOC)resistance bands exercise and core fitness / weight loss PT training system developed in conjunction with Pulse CPR School.  The founders of Pulse Fitness, has chosen the location of 4015 Washington Rd in martinez GA 30907  as their newest location site. Unlike any other fitness training system offered in the personal training and health club gym industry today Pulse Fitness is taking Martinez, GA by storm. With an ever expanding list of thousands of loyal fitness followers from Cleveland, Ohio and as far South as Daytona  Beach, FL. Pulse Fitness is currently expanding their reach to the masses. After reviewing and testing out various new machines and exercise systems at the latest Club Industry show in Chicago, the owner  decided to bring the new Pulse Fitness full body training system to Martinez/Augusta,GA and will offer this fun yet exhilarating program as a new workout for this year. When asked, the gym owner, Greg Smith had this to say, “I’ve personally searched every new exercise machine, popular workout and exercise program currently in the market today and after much thought and deliberation, I know for sure the Pulse Fitness system will best serve by community and be an exciting workout for the “CSRA”.

He went on to mention there are larger big box franchise type gyms like Orangetheory ,Crossfit, Burn Boot Camp, Anytime Fitness and even Gold’s Gym to mention a few that are definitely more well known brands, but after having talked to and personally visited other Pulse Fitness owners and going as far as making an 800 mile trip to Cleveland Ohio to observe one of their flagship locations in person, he decided to go with the company that made the most economical sense and that was Pulse Fitness.Pulse Fitness and Weight Loss.

Another factor in making his decision was the affordability factor with Pulse Fitness. On average many gyms similar to Orangetheory and places like Burn Boot Camp , Crossfit and others the monthly fees can be extremely high ($150.00 to $200.00 per month) for most people whereas, Pulse Fitness everyone receives a Free 14 Day Rapid Results Training Course to begin with and then if the customers becomes a long term member, the personal training rate is only $17.50 perweek and this is unheard of in the gym industry.

While Pulse Fitness is safe for beginners and seniors, the Pulse Fitness training system will challenge even the most ardent Cross Fit type athletes. Originally developed for the recovery and Physical Therapy community this exciting new exercise system has made its way into the local communities and is growing in popularity by serving those needing to lose weight and get in better overall shape.

The Pulse Fitness Martinez / Augusta exercise system will accommodate multiple users all at one time thus allowing our personal  trainers to maximize their coaching time with each client and overall productivity more effectively. The Pulse Fitness exercise stations also known as Pulse Zone Training are very versatile and allows a person to do every exercise movement imaginable at one single station whereas it takes a big box gym to have thousands of square feet and dozens of machines and free weights to match the Pulse Zone individual system.  Where as one traditional pin select exercise or free weight station only allows for one exercise movement, the Pulse Fitness full body training station allows over 75 different movements and only cost a fraction of what a traditional weight stack machine would run. Most gym owners can install four Pulse Fitnessstations for less than the cost of one nationally recognized branded machine and have over 300 movements available with the four stations. It must also be noted that more people, both beginner and advanced levels, in the clubs surrounding demographic area are better served by this workout system. It is less intimidating, serves more people per sq footage, works the entire body, burns more calories and requires only basic operational training to have clients on their way to success.

Select residents in Martinez, GA will be receiving a notice in the mail informing them of the new Pulse Fitness exercise system, and how they can be one of the first 50 to qualify for aFREE 14 Day Rapid Results Training Course” in order to celebrate the Sneak Preview and introduction of this unique system, before the Grand Opening to the general public in January.

For more information visit http://pulsefitnessaugusta.com

CONTACT: John R. / Greg S.
Located in Ashley Square…Just down and across from Gerald Jones Honda
(Pulse Fitness) / Pulse CPR
4015 Washington Rd Suite #H
Martinez, GA 30907

MORE:   Pulse Fitness Augusta provides a true sense of accomplishment in a highly motivated, fitness tech and high energy fitness environment. Here, effort and accountability are rewarded, goals are reached and your health greatly improved – forever.Here is where personalized fitness training is fun. We wouldn’t have it any other way.Enjoy a music fused atmosphere. You’ll always find yourself in the groove.Connect with a group of unique individuals who rise as a fitness community. We’re all in it together.Be led by experienced, enthusiastic and motivating fitness producers who understand that your success is their success. It’s an understanding that sets them apart.Each class is brought to life by our fitness producers who create their own handcrafted music playlist. Pop, rock, hiphop, and maybe even a tune from the 80s, all could be on a menu that will move you with enthusiasm and emotion. You will never feel more alive!
Pulse Fitness & Pulse CPR
4015 Washington Rd Suite #H
Martinez, GA 30907


Located in Ashley Square…Just down and across from Gerald Jones Honda

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